Egzona Hoxhaj

Job title: Project Manager

Project: My Day

Egzona Hoxhaj is a 22 years old. She is a person full of energy, joy and positive vibes. She graduated from Faculty of Economics and currently working as a Finance Manager within Handikos organisation in Kosovo. Egzona has lots of passions and hobbies, and she is a real social activist, but her bigest is advocating for people with disabilities, esspecially empowering women with dissabilities.

The reason why I participated in EYA is because I wanted to turn my disabilities in abilities. First of all, I wanted to show to myself that I can make it, and also be an example for youth in general, and in particular youth with disabilities that they can make it too, if they have will to do so. I expect to grow the network of youth, to develop professionally and to share all my knowledge and experience with other youth. Another thing i expect is the braking of local barriest and introducement with the global/international perspectives."

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