Given Edward

Job title: CEO | MTabe Innovations

Project: Mtabe

Given Edward is a social entrepreneur innovating for education.
After working with a number of young organizations in different aspects locally and internationally, Given ventured in Education technology and created MyElimu a platform that connects secondary school students from different schools to meet online and discuss anytime, from anywhere. A year later in 2015, Given received an award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for his works for and with young people. He was also given a of a distinction as a Royal Commonwealth Associate Fellow, a distinction given to exceptional young people across the Commonwealth. October last year, Given started working to build a new venture called Mtabe- a service that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver learning content to students who do not have access to internet or smartphones, as well well as those who do. With Mtabe, he wants to help students in the rural villages enjoy e-learning just as much as those in towns who have internet.
Give aims to empower young people through education so they can achieve their goals just like others.

I believe that the challenges faced by young people and their solutions cut across boarders. For this reason that Iwent on to enter the EYA: to meet other young innovators on an international platform where we can share our challenges and celebrate our successes. I’m glad it turned out to be exactly what I had hoped for.

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