Clara Bracklo

Job title: Business Development

Project: Integreat

Clara has just recently finished her bachelor degree in the field of intercultural management and communication. Since her last year of university, she has been engaged in the project Integreat in the areas business development, marketing and customer service. Due to her academic background Clara adds an important perspective to the continuous development and improvement of Integreat as an important source of information for refugees all over Germany.

The EYA offers a great opportunity to digital initiatives from young people all over Europe not only to exchange ideas, but most importantly to connect. Our project Integreat is honored to receive the EYA in the category Connecting Cultures and while our day-to-day work is aimed towards connecting and offering solutions in the area, we are very excited to connect and engage with all the other participants at the EYA festival. Being given the chance to attend the festival and present our project we are looking forward to an interesting, educational and inspiring event!

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