Anton Håkanson

Job title: Founder/CEO

Project: DayCape

Anton Håkanson, founder of DayCape, was as a young child diagnosed within the autistic spectrum. Even if he at an older age was diagnosed without autism he might just have a very special understanding of the daily issues that occurs. Anton read a great deal of cartoons as a child and his favorite hero was Peter Parker as Spiderman. Even with all the powers and spidersense Peter had conflicting feelings about becoming Spiderman and how to use his powers. As Spiderman he is unable to save everyone and is struggling with feeling different and weak despite his unusual powers. But, Peter always had friends and family supporting him in the most difficult times that helped him become the great superhero he was meant to be.

2I´m super happy to be a winner in EYA. I participated because I belie it´s a great community of people wanting to change the world. It´s important that we in EU work together to create change. I expect to meet a great dela of inspiring people in EYA"

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