AlHassan Muhammad Ali

Job title: Co-founder & CTO

Project: Daraty

AlHasan co-founder and CTO at Daraty. He is a computer engineer who has 6 years of experience in organizing community technological events, working with children, developing content for electronics workshops for children, teenagers, and college students. AlHasan is experienced in hardware development, social media, and graphic design. AlHasan’s also contributed in introducing and spreading the Arduino board in Syria, and organizing Wikilogia Hackerspace.

We are extremely thrilled to have Daraty selected as an EYA winner! We’re happy our ongoing effort is receiving recognition on the global entrepreneurial scene considering all the challenges we’re going through.
We believe in the importance of being part of a community where we can connect with others, and exchange acquired knowledge and experiences. EYA will help shed more light on our project, connect us to potential partners and investors and launch Daraty into a larger world of opportunities."

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