Abdul Rahman AlAshraf

Job title: Founder of FreeCom and Software Consultant at MHP – A Porsche Company

Project: FreeCom
Website: https://freecom-info.com/

Abdul Rahman AlAshraf is a Tech entrepreneur, Founder and Innovator. He was named the European Youth Award Young Digital Champion after his Startup FreeCom has won the overall European Youth Award, which is an innovative new communication method that connect people even if no internet or mobile network is available. He works currently as Software Consultant for “MHP – A Porsche Company” in the automotive industry besides being an ambassador by the European Youth Award, advisory member of Popular Science Arabia and a Public Speaker.

"I was always believing strongly that technology can change our world for a better place, and seeing such an event like EYA made the hope bigger, where many other people from all around the world think the same and ready to give their time and support."

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