Tolerance for mental illness in adolescence

Depression and anxiety disorder belong to the mental illnesses in our society that are very often connected with exclusion and social devaluation. 

The stage of life between youth and adolescence show the highest incidents of mental illness. Between the ages of 12 to 16 the frequency of such illnesses is rising rapidly. 

Depression and anxiety disorders can be observed among 5-10 % of teenagers. Because they are afraid of being stigmatized, many girls and boys feel like they can’t talk about their problems and therefore try to hide them. Due to this, they tend to become isolated and have issues participating in a normal social life like school or a vocational training. 

This can result in additional suffering for the affected teenagers that can result in severe consequences. To promote a natural social interaction of young people affected by mental illness, which also involves participation of our society, more education and clarification is needed in order to gain a mutual “WE”.


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