Limited Mobility

One of today’s problems is the lack of mobility for people with disabilities due to the limitations within the public transportation system in regard to barrier-free transport.

Meeting up with friends or even visiting a doctor can be a significant challenge for individuals with disabilities.  Challenges within the transportation system also cause challenges for others, such as women/men with prams, schoolchildren dependent on public transport, or the elderly who may have challenges on their feet.

According to “Eurostat‘s” statistical information from December 2016, one of four Europeans is affected by long-term restrictions in everyday activities. In 2015 one of three Austrians, aged 16 and above, had been affected by longstanding restriction. In times like this, when the Internet plays a prominent role, one might wonder why there isn’t an App that can be used to help navigate mobility-friendly routes within the public transportation system. Google Maps already helps people to get from A to B on foot, by bicycle with public transport or even by car or plain foot. It shows the fastest way, but doesn’t consider the fact that some people need barrier-free alternatives. Our goal is that barrier-free alternatives are made publically available to help provide more mobility options for individuals.


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