Affect of poverty on youth in Austria

In Austria more than 1.2 million people are at risk of poverty or exclusion. Children, teenagers, and single parents are the groups that are most susceptible to poverty. People who are worried about facing poverty often don’t talk about their circumstances because they are afraid of social exclusion. Because of these concerns, it is particularly difficult for young people to seek support from peers. But it is clear that social inclusion and active participation in society are very important in order to be an integrated part of society– especially for children and young people.

There is need for action to promote the ability to adopt other perspectives in order to increase moral behavior of teenagers. To reach this target, it is necessary to educate individuals about poverty and about people who are almost invisible in society in order to make the topic of poverty more tangible. We want to encourage young people to develop their own perspectives about how it feels to be affected by poverty.



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