People in need of care

It is estimated that in 2030 there will be over 800 000 Austrians, who will depend on the support of others for everyday life. Not all of these individuals will reside in special care facilities or will have access to help at home. Nevertheless, many individuals are dependent on daily help, for example they need assistance with their everyday life like shopping. Unfortunately, the situation can be even more challenging for people in certain circumstances, such as those who live in the countryside due to the lack of public transport. Many people who are in need of care don’t own a car or are unable to drive a car because of different physical or mental limitations.   Some services are available to help these people, but many of these services require a fee.

The community can play a role in supporting people in need, serving in ways that nurses or relatives do. Moreover, the community can help promote connections and networks so that social connectedness can generate a positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical health.



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