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The TAMK Art, Music and Media 9th International Week took place April 26 – April 29, 2016. The Theme of the week was: Go-Create! & (L)earning logics in the digital era

The iweek brings various professionals together, from professors from partner universities to field professionals, work of which is closely related to arts, music, design, communication, media, film and culture. It is an event for students to realize their professional potential und to get inspired on their way to entrepreneurship.

In the middle of this international gathering of lecturers from all over Europe there was EYA Project Manager Birgit to present the European Youth Awarf to all participants. Also there were other great workships prepared by international professionals, bringing innovative approach and new experiences to the participants.

The end of the week is all about sharing knowledge and experiences, and the seminar opens its doors to the visitors. Various topics are then brought up, and many current challenges and possible solutions are getting discussed.

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