Local Student Group Jury

Which local student team will come up with the best project analysis? Who will be rewarded on stage at the EYA Gala and earn an awesome prize for its work (provided by A1)? A1_Graffiti_png_0

These outstanding personalties make up the jury for the local student groups and guarantee a fair, objective and impartial voting process!

Steffie Limère

Founder of Factory of Imagination and Unfolding Events

Eric Voigt

Coordinator of the Minor Frisian Design Factory at the NHL University of Applied Science

Attila Horányi

Director (BA program Art and Design Theory) | Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Hartwin Kostron

Marketing & Creative Director Young Mountain Marketing GmbH

Johanna Pirker

Researcher | Graz University of Technology

Lynn Lim

Professor | FHNW