EYA Student Programs-

Analyses & checks for all EYA Winning Projects!

The European Youth Award is much more than a competition to show your skills and compare yourself. EYA winners benefit from outstanding project checks, done by international and local students.

These young adacemics from multiple disciplines bundle their knowledge and provide the Winners with a profound analysis of their EYA Winning project.

In cooperation with professors and academic partners EYA conducts two different student programs with the goal to give the Winners peer-to-peer feedback personally at the EYA Festival in Graz: one international with partner universities from all over Europe and one local one with EYA’s beloved partner institutions FH JOANNEUM and CAMPUS02!

Find out more by following the links on this page or get in contact with EYA Project Manager Birgit Kolb.

Student Project

International Project Partner Universities 2018:

Local Project Partner Universities 2018:

Supporters of the students from CEI countries participating in the Student Program: