Planning, designing and creating digital projects or apps together in 48 hours! The participants enjoyed Productive collaboration and had fun at the first EYA Social Hackathon in Budapest in 2018!

Students with all kinds of backgrounds from four different universities joined forces for this two and a half days long creation marathon at MOME University from February 22-24.

The EYA Social Hackathon focused on the topic:

Craftsman’s Paradise:
How mobile technology and digital tools might help the craftsman’s work and promote skilled craftsmanship in a time of shortage nowadays?

The tech focus was on Virtual Reality (VR) and 360°.

In cooperation with Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (Design Institute and Institute of Theoretical Studies),  Corvinus University of Budapest (Faculty of Business Administration / Institute of Marketing and Media) and Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest (Faculty of Social Sciences / Department of Sociology).

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Project Name: Crafty

Producers: Rufina Rózsa, Bori Bíró, Lívia Székely, Alex Horkai

Platform: Mobile application for Android & iOS systems

An application that helps to learn construction and building technologies. Our target group: young people (age between 16-30). Our main goal is to make these jobs more popular for the youth and increase the number of young skilled workers in the building industry.

Project Name: Beevy

Producers: Kata Széll, Orsolya Schiller, Bálint Szalai, Markus Herrmann, Dániel Tóbiás

Platform: AR mobile app

People are less and less motivated to choose craftmanship as thieir path of life. We would like to show children the different types of craftsmanship and to inform them about the possibilities in a playful way.
The AR mobile app is for children aged 4-6, an age in which they tend to be more receptive and open to the world. In the app they can look around their home, scan the surrounding objects and then watch an animation about the craftsman’s work which is related to the object. Afterwards they get to play a little game and receive a reward. Following the reward, they can continue to look around the house with the 360° AR technology.
We believe that with this app, children will be more motivated later in their life to become a craftsman or at least spark their interest in crafts. With this game we would like to foster the recognition of craftsmen as valuable members of society, thus helping to preserve craftsmanship.


Project Name: The Car Cloud

Producers: Adam Pelley, Bernadett Blanka Nagy, Eszter Diána Kocsis, Ferenc Tolnai

Platform: Mobile, Desktop

A personalized software service that allows car mechanics to have an app that is specific to their business. They pay for the service so they can provide this app to their customers. The mechanics record all service information and the app provides valuable information to the customers, as well as to the car industry as a whole.

Project Name: FindMe

Producers: Mariann Takács, Sarolta Henter, Bernadett Furó, Anna Becskeházi

Platform: Mobile Application & VR tools

This Application should avoid timeloss for firefighters and ambulance workers while looking for the location. By typing the address/using voice recognition the app looks for the building and not only shows the best possible way to get there along with the dangers, traffic and other circumstances, but the floor plan of the building. The app then would be connected to a virtual reality system and while driving to he location, a simulation would allow them to get familiar with the structure and the inside routes of the building, so that when they arrive, they would be better prepared, thus saving important minutes as well as lives.

Project Name: Jobtion

Producers: Dora Laposa, Judit Meixner, Rita Bonifert, Margaret Yates, Hedvig Bartok

Platform: Mobile Application

Application that functions as a platform to help young individuals to find a suitable career by providing information on crafts based on skills, interest and personality.
The app collects the craft jobs existing on the market, sorts them into categories and provides personalized advice (based on the TEST) about possibly interesting craft jobs with videos, professionals sharing their experiences and motivational contents.

Project Name: WorkAble

Producers: Patrícia Harsány, Barbara Szőke, Benedek Sarnyai, Lilla Kalmár

Platform: mobile application

Short Description: Our application helps to connect users with disabilities willing to work as craftsmen with employers. As soon as an employee registers for the app, hey have to fill a questionnaire regarding their skills, which leads them to find a job that fit best. Both employers and employees can write reviews of each other. We also provide connections with NGOs so after registration the employee will automatically belong to the most fitting NGO that serves as a supervisor from that time on.

Online & Onsite Coaches

Smart people from Budapest and all around the globe agreed to mentor the engaged participants of the Social VR Hackathon in Budapest! Here you can find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge:

Alois Paul Spiesberger-Höckner
App and Web Developer, Media Informatic Student | Vienna University of Technology

Branko Vasiljevic
Business developer | DVC Solutions
Bosnia And Herzegovina

Rui Torre
Senior Programmer and Web Developer

Yahya Marzouk
Co-founder | MAD Path

Florian Jindra
Junior Lecturer at Salzburg University of Applied Science

Isaya Yunge
Founder, Chief Executive | Somaapps Technologies

Zoltán Lublóy
Designer | LUBLOY

Gergely Galovics
PhD student | Doctoral School of Sociology at Eötvös Loránd University

Shwetal Shah
International Technology Partnerships Planner | MediaCom Global
United Kingdom/India

Julianna Faludi
Assistant Professor | Corvinus University of Budapest

Khaled Jemni
Modern Apps Consultant | Microsoft Tunisia

Luna Carmona
Marketing Officer | Achieve More Scotland
United Kingdom

Martin Irungu
Co-Founder and Executive Director | EmpServe Kenya

Josiah Eyison
CEO & Co-Founder | iSpace Foundation

Tibor Kecskés
Senior Architect and Spatial Designer | TK Studio

Taghrid Elashkr
Scrum Master | SimCorp

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect & CEO | Powersoft


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities that made up the Social Hackathon VR Jury Budapest!

Ákos Maróy
Software Developer | EU Edge Ltd

György Simó
Managing partner | Day One Capital

Tamás Fogarasy
Designer | Exalt

Tibor Kecskés
Senior Architect and Spatial Designer | TK Studio

Judit Grósz
Marketing and Operational Director | Microsoft Hungary

Dóra Horváth
Researcher | Institute of Marketing and Media

Rebecca Liu
Founder and CEO | VRCORE

In cooperation with: