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Digital Projects in Social Space

gender | disability | transculture | age | family

Name: Get the job

Producers: Samuel Arzt, Katrin Zibuschka, Andreas Sperr, Juliana Kraushofer, Romana Hochfellner-Forster, Theresia Kloiber, Simone Knauer

Platform: PC

“Get the job” is an offline game that helps teenagers to prepare for their first job interview. In the game the day of the job interview is simulated, so young people get experience in how to get through a job interview successfully.

Name: reMEmber

Producers: Almut Eder, Martin Gassner, Mona Fenzl, Tobias Linkohr

Platform: Web App

The application reMEmber aims at helping people suffering from dementia and their relatives. The “digital memory” is filled by relatives with memories in the form of videos, texts, music or photos. The surface is built up in a the target group supporting way and enables the affected to remember joint experiences with family and friends.

Name: dumpster chef

Producers: Neele Barthel, Susanne Baumgärnter, Tobias Gann, Hannes Moser, Christina Schraml, Vanessa Winklbauer

Platform: Mobile App, Website with information about the topic and the app ­­–

dumpster chef is a smart tool which helps you to find a dumpster dive place close to your location. Furthermore dumpster chef offers a matching system to connect you with people that have similar interests and dinner style (the dumpster recommender). After diving together, the app offers recipes and preparation tips for cooking the perfect dinner with your new friends.

Name: #vote16

Producers: Anna Flügge, Christina Seiwald, Ramona Feier, David Lechner, Mario Madej, Robert Röder

Platform: PC (Computer Game)

#vote16 is a learning game for young people who are facing their first election. It gives a short and understandable overview over the different parties and their values. At the end players hopefully know which party represents their interests the most.

Name: Culture Connect

Producers: Maria Aitenbichler, Magdalena Költringer, Johanna Ebner, Nevin Öztürk, Jonah Ivert, Thomas Siller, Markus Hauthaler, Johannes Obermair

Platform: Web App

Culture Connect is a platform to make integration easier and contribute to the life of immigrants in a positive way. The application is organised around three target groups: New immigrants, integrated people or citizens and organisations, willingly to cooperate. Mentors, immigrants who have lived long enough in a foreign country to know its culture, support newly come immigrants to integrate themselves into the local community.


Producers: Johann Brauneis, David Daxbacher, Jennifer Junghuber, Christoph Karl Mayr, Valters Pukitis

Platform: Mobile Application

PARENTIZER is an app for managing daily family matters. It enhances networking between family members. There is a possibility to manage “To Do Lists”, Calendars and Requests. Chat communication makes it easy to stay connected.
Parentizer – improve familiship!

Name: SurfMate

Producers: Patrick Obermüller, David Lins, Daniel Witek, Anna Prommegger

Platform: Website

SurfMate is a project that enables people with spasticity-limited arm/leg movement to navigate the Internet more easily. The Idea behind the Website is to create a platform where the user can get easy access to his or her most frequently visited websites. In Austria every 9 out of 100.000 people is affected by spasticity. We wanted to facilitate their online behaviour by creating a tool that allows them to navigate the net via an eyetracker, so using their arms and/or legs is unnecessary. The site also offers possibilities to extend the product and adapt it for elderly people, which may have eyesight limitations or difficulties operating a computer mouse due to a lack of motor skills. With our site we hope to provide disabled or elderly humans with easy access to the beauty of the World Wide Web to expand their range of experiences.

Name: Griaß di neighbour

Producers: Ebner Markus, Zerlauth Paul, Frenslich Markus, Stefanie Priewasser, Lisa Eckschlager, Doris Ackerl-Hofer, Katrin Rehrl

Platform: Multi-Cross Platform (native and web application)

The goal of „Griaß di, neighbour“, which is a completely new project in Salzburg, is to improve communal life within the typical small neighbourhood or village street. What makes a great neighbourhood? Key virtues include safety, security, solidarity, vitality, close relationships and friendships, open- mindedness, and an everyday life that is relatively easy for its participants.

This tool is only made for the residents of a certain type of settlement. It doesn’t matter whether people are young or old, male or female, disabled or not, Austrian or not, or speak German or any other language. Even people who are not able to use a computer have the possibility to access this community via this tool. The essential idea behind our project is “neighbourhood assistance”. That is, young people helping older people and knowledge exchanging among neighbours.

Link  to website:

Game/App Name: breaking echo chambers

Producer: Oliver Kletzmayr

Platform: Web Application

Breaking echo chambers is a concept for more open discussion, in the form of a blogging platform. Recurring constructive posts are rewarded, while content removal is kept to a minimum; should it occur, reasons are clearly communicated with the user base. Current socio-political events are featured on the main page, experts of both sides of the argument are given a platform to debate.

Name: Home Quest

Producers: Patrick Dunkl, Patrik Karisch, Lukas Machegger, Marko Richter, Alexander Schmidt, Tobias Watzke, Kerstin Grosche

Platform: Web-App, Mobile-App

Home Quest uses gamification to reduce family conflicts. It brings back fun to household chores, with earning xp and real-life rewards. Create your own quests, share them with your friends, and complete them to level up.

Name: Detective in the Dark

Producers: Emir Selimovic, Simon Steiner, Christoph Mayr, Martin Birner, Christian Auer, Tristan Neuberger

Platform: Unity – PC

Detective in the Dark is a hybrid between a card and deduction game showing players that judgements based on limited information can have severe far-reaching consequences. The game is split up in three parts: an interrogation of multiple suspects, the accusing of one of them and the game presenting the consequences of the accusation of the player. Who will you convict, which choices will you make?

Name: Game of Brains

Producers: Julia Daxenbichler, Markus Hofer, Martin Wolf, Kevin Hinker, Axel Stenitzer, Kerstin Damisch

Platform: PC

Game of Brains is a jump’n’run and quiz game designed to help students learn. The unique feature of our game is that teachers can freely construct the questions for the players and easily load them into the game via text file. In our case, the questions in the game are about gender and sexual orientation.

Name: GAME.MORE.aussi

Producers: Herwig Atzlinger, Christoph Birgmann, Vanessa Freischlager, Florian Innerhuber, Andreas Lang, Sebastian Nalter, Ralf Zobl

Platform: PC + Mobile Phone

GAME.MORE.aussi is a multimedia project primarily aimed at young people in special mental institutions for surmounting video game addiction. We want to positively encourage them to get in touch with other people. To achieve this, we combined a video game with a mobile application. The addicted people in the institution need to earn their playtime by being physically and socially active. By going outside and meeting up with people they can earn playtime/in-game currency.
We think, we can motivate them getting in touch with one another, thus becoming more reflective and open minded.

Name: AlienGo

Producers: Erfan Ebrahimnia, Susanne Höll, Laura Köglberger

Platform: Web / Mobile

Everyone is a stranger somewhere. We aim to open up new social spaces to people with different social backgrounds. Alien Go is the solution!
It helps you to get in touch with different people based on their strengths and interests. After you sign up and fill in what you are looking for and what you have to offer, the app can find local people, in the surrounding of 500m, who share the same interests. Meet different people and open up unknown spaces to yourself and others.

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