SHack Vienna 2020 Program

Venue: Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ), Hintere Zollamtsstraße 4, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Warm Welcomes!

16.00-16.30 | SHack Registration – Pick up your badge!

16.30-16.45 | Welcome and official opening (open for public)

with partners and friends

16.45-17.15 | ”What’s the purpose of the SHack Vienna? – Idea, Procedure & more

17.15-17.45 | Ultracool Inspirational Keynotes

17.45-18.15 | Networking Games | Get to know your colleagues

18.30-19.00 | Brainstorming Ideas

19.00-19.30 | Ideas Pitching & Feedback (60 seconds pitch)

19.30-20.00 | Group Forming and start! (Recommended group size: 3-5 participants per group)

Roll up your sleeves!


9.00-20.00 | Work on your digital prototypes!

snacks, beverages and lunch provided throughout the day

Onsite and online Coaches: tbc

13.00-14.00 | Recharge with food and friends

Show your creation!


9.00-15.00 | Work on your digital projects!

snacks, beverages and lunch provided

Onsite Coaches tbc

11.00-13.00 | Pitch Practicing (20-minute slots available to practice your pitch in front of a group of coaches and get valuable feedback)

12.30-13.30 | Recharge with food and friends

14.00-14.30 | Hand in your presentations & prototypes

14.30-16.00 | Presentations and Jury with testing (open for public)

Present your projects and get applauded (4 minutes per team).
The Expert Jury will test your projects and vote for the best. Check out the experts here.

Invite your family, friends & fans!

16.00 | Awards Ceremony, Wrap Up, Dinner & Afterparty!

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