SHack Vienna – the Social Hackathon

Become part of the network of entrepreneurs who care and join forces to create a better world.

From February 28 to March 2, 2019, EYA was in Vienna with a another SHack (Social Hackathon), kindly hosted by The Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ).

Together, participants planned, designed and created prototypes of smart digital solutions for societal challenges …  in just 48 hours!

SHack Vienna offers the full service combination of business coaching, technical support, financial know-how, gamification & user centered design with an international community of successful social entrepreneurs.

All in one place.

Who was it for? 

SHack Vienna was the perfect place to be for developers, social innovators, entrepreneurs and students! Together they created solutions that can actually improve the lives of people.

It was the ultimate place to challenge yourself and develop your skills.

What did they win?


The SHack was the gate to the international network of social entrepreneurs and change-makers in Europe and the MENA region! An international jury of outstanding experts from different fields was there to select the best developed prototypes at the end. As prizes the participants’ could choose among the perfect starter package for their own start-up and a set of opportunities to connect internationally:


AWS First Pitch

Win a
“fast lane ticket”
to pitch directly to the AWS First jury.
AWS Start-Up Lab


at one of the
AWS First Workshops
to develop your business model.

Social innovation voyage

Win a five day social innovation voyage and visit social innovators in Tunisia.


Tickets to Austria’s biggest Gov.Tech Event

Get in touch with politicians, public CIOs, innovation managers and start-ups.

Social Impact Weekend

Get connected at the Social Impact Weekend in the Impact Hub Vienna, conducted by Social Impact Award Austria.

Training Course

Win a ticket for the seven day training for social innovators in Ohrid, Macedonia.


SHack Vienna 2019 Winner

Project Name: Fit For Future

Producers: Tobias Feitkenhauer, Anna B., Max Stolze, Renée Singer, Gabriel Pickel, Kristina Weinberger

Platform: Web application

Fit for Future is a virtual and offline training program for teachers to foster 21st century skills in their students.

Only one in two students finds school engaging. This disengagement is one of the key factors for dropout, resulting in high dropout rates in Highschool. Fit for Future trains teachers to counter this problem. Applying proven methods and assignments, teachers foster the social-emotional and meta-cognitive competency development of their students.

These methods are highly engaging and build skills that students need to win in life. Furthermore, they can be used across subjects, making them relevant for every teacher and every subject.

Collaboration with colleagues through the team gives a strategic approach to competency development and increases consistency. Our virtual coach helps teachers continuously improve their personal teaching effectiveness.

This way, we create a world in which schools and teachers enable their students to build a sustainable future.

SHack Vienna 2019 runner-up

Project Name: Allio

Producers: Adam Wnuk, Grzegorz Marczyk, Nataliya Metla, Patryk Karwat, Robert

Platform: Android, iOS

Let’s connect the problems with the solutions! Allio app is Tamagotchi of XIX century for allergic children. Helps to build awareness of our kids in the case of safe food.

Project Name: Buildit

Producers: David Pohy Pohan, Pavol Hejný, Borka Moravcsik, Jùlia Gunther, Eva Koncz, Sophie Born

Platform: Android, iOS

We want to create a place to show children between the age of 10 and 15 how decisions have an impact on their own life and the environment.

Project Name: Democracy xyz

Producers: Vojtěch Pšenák, Barbora Hrušková, Mehdi Bizolm, Honza Steinbach, Štěpán

Platform: Website

Improve visibility of modern politics by showing people how members of parliament (national, European, local, etc.) voted

Project Name: Social Point

Producers: Bianka Bús, Daniel Zlabinger, Eszter Szabó, Keanu Hie, Matus Lang, Peter
Gerges, Vanessa Kausl

Platform: Website

Usually the people who need governmental help the most, have the hardest time getting it. They either
don’t have the administrative know-how or the time for research.
Our vision is to provide an easy access to governmental social support while leaving the complex
research behind. We give you guidance on all opportunities in the confusing chaos of the internet in a
simple, friendly and engaging way. We want to be your stable point in every living situation.

Project Name: Trusted News

Producers: Eda Mushe, Jovana Azdrakovikj, Lili Tóth, Eliza Zimmermann, David Zahour, Karel Sima, Patrik Vácal

Platform: browser plugin, webpage and app

Our project focuses on the independent free press’s tendency to disappear and fighting against fake news. Our aim is to restore the reliability of media by revealing the content’s consistency between different articles about the same occurrence and widen the reader’s viewpoint by offering related articles.

While the average user reads a single article and therefore has a restricted amount of information, Trusted News collects data from all the related articles and analyses them to define a simplified indicator based on the percentage of correspondence with other news sources. By clicking onto the indicator, the reader is redirected to our webpage, where we offer a wide range of relevant articles with the corresponding and contradicting information highlighted, as well as further options for research. In conclusion, we provide easy access for people to build themselves a more objective knowledgebase.

Project Name: The Workplace Welfare Project

Producers: Dóra Becker, Orsolya Horváth, Ondřej Merkun, Anna Szilágyi

Platform: Website

Let’s connect the problems with the solutions! The Workplace Welfare Project collects valuable feedback from the employees via a survey service. The premade questionnaires are well researched to maximise the results in the statistics provided for the employer. If they want more specific data, specific questionnaires or certified coaches and services referred to them, they can pay a one-time fee for it.

Online & Onsite Coaches

People from Austria and all around the globe agreed to mentor the engaged participants of the Social Hackathon in Vienna! Here you can find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge:

Georg Steinfelder
Artist, Designer, Radio Producer

Taylor Sawyer
Co-founder | SammTalk

Thomas Volpini
Department Lead IT Service | APA IT

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen
CCO | Be My Eyes

Branko Vasiljevic
Business developer | DVC Solutions
Bosnia And Herzegovina

Dalibor Matijevic
Founder | Food+X

Alois Paul Spiesberger-Höckner
App and Web Developer, Media Informatic Student | Vienna University of Technology

Abdul Rahman AlAshraf
Founder | FreeCom

Rüdiger Wetzl-Piewald
Director | Social Business Club Styria

Petar Soldatek
Head of Development | Santander Consumer Bank

Ondřej Tuháček

Carl-Markus Piswanger
eGovernment architect | BRZ

Julianna Faludi
Assistant Professor | Corvinus University of Budapest

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect & CEO | Powersoft

Gerhard Gaugusch
VP of IT Solution Delivery | Paysafecard

Robert Kleedorfer
Team leader Austrian land registry | BRZ

Luna Carmona
Marketing Officer | Achieve More Scotland
United Kingdom

Cloed Baumgartner
Innovation Manager and Trainer | Crowd Club

Khaled Jemni
Modern Apps Consultant | Microsoft Tunisia

Matthias Maschek
Co-founder| Lost in the Garden

Raoul Bhatia
Head of Operations | RadarServices

Tudor Mihailescu
Founder | LoopPoll

Kaloyan Ratchev
Founder & CEO | Vangavis ltd

Simon Wallner
Co-founder | Lost in the Garden


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities that made up the SHack Vienna Jury!

Bálint Olah
Senior Consultant | INPUT

Gerhard Gaugusch
VP of IT Solution Delivery | Paysafecard

Kambis Kohansal Vajargah
Managing Partner vendevio & Carployee

Luna Carmona
Marketing Officer | Achieve More Scotland
United Kingdom

Hannes A. Schwetz
Project Manager Social Business Initiative | Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH

Gernot Silvestri
Head of Individual Applications | BRZ

Simon Wallner
Co-founder | Lost in the Garden

Nina Tillinger
Head of Delivery & PMO | Santander

Armin Rainer
Senior Product Manager | APA-IT

Tomáš Cholinský
Head of Department Business Support | SPRÁVA INFORMAČNÍCH TECHNOLOGIÍ města Plzně (SITMP)

Daniela Feuersinger
Strategy & Communication | BRZ

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