SHack Novi Sad – a Social (VR) Hackathon

Become a part of the international network of entrepreneurs who care and join forces to create a better world!


From June 26 to 28, 2019, EYA travelled to Serbia and organized the SHack Novi Sad (Social VR Hackathon) inside the innovation-inciting Cultural Station Svilara.

SHack participants planned, designed and created prototypes of smart digital solutions for societal challenges …  in just 48 hours!

The tech focus was on VR and 360° technologies.

SHack Novi Sad peaked in the OPENSociaLab – a unique conference dedicated to social innovation and young people which was a part of the European Youth Capital 2019 programs.

Who was it for? 

SHack Novi Sad was the perfect place for developers, social innovators, entrepreneurs and students! Together they created solutions that are improving the lives of people.

It was the ultimate place for participants to challenge themselves and develop their skills.

The SHack Novi Sad offered the full service combination of business coaching, technical support and workshops. An international community of successful social entrepreneurs shared its knowledge and experience all the participants!

What did they win?

The jury of international experts from different fields selected the best developed prototypes! They decided to have two winners of the SHack Novi Sad. 

Winners got:

  • a trip to the Final Championship of the Global VR Hackathon organized by VRCORE in China, end of 2019!
  • an invitation to join the EXIT Festival, July 4-7 in Novi Sad!
  • free tickets to the EYA Festival, November 27-30 in Graz!
  • an exclusive project management workshop by NOMCENTAR!

What was it about? 

SHack Novi Sad focussed on the EYA categories Fostering Health & Active Citizenship. Innovative solutions were created within fields spanning from healthy lifestyle, sports and well-being to democratic participation, human rights and social cohesion!

Tech focus

The use of VR & 360° technologies was recommended, although it was not obligatory. The best team working with VR got the opportunity to send 3 of their team members to China and participate in the Global VR Hackathon Championship 2019 organized by VRCORE!

They got to try out and work with the VIVE Pro EYE and a VIVE Focus Plus to create a VR solution that improves the lives of people!


SHack Novi Sad 2019 Winner

Project Name: AR Eye control

Producers: Petar Bojanic, Natasa Cvijanovic, Luka Zuber, Lazar Varagic, Mihajlo Lukic

Platform: Windows, HTC Vive Pro eye

Using vr/ar tech to help people with handicaps. Control new technologies such as smart houses with eye tracking.

SHack Novi Sad 2019 Winner

Project Name: MEDOX

Producers: Kristina Jauković Jocić, Nikola Opačić, Marko Janković, Uroš Vukašinović, Vanja Stanić, Jelena Šurlan, Goran Jocić, Danica Nenadović, Aleksandar Šijan

Platform: Web application

While maintaining their health, people have to take certain doses of medication. Everyone can forget to take the therapy they need. The Smart Medicine Box prevents just that. It notifies you with a sound whenever you need to take the dose so you will not forget, and it also flashes a light signal which indicates which medication you are supposed to take. In case the patient fails to take the medication the Box will notify a guardian or a caretaker. The Boxs settings are modified with buttons and a display, where it is required to input the time of the first consumption, as well as the time period between each dose. Besides that, it is possible to insert up to two phone numbers which will receive an SMS in case the patient fails to take the medication. This project has been realized thanks to Arduino (microcontroller), which, in combination with different modules (such as modules for time and SMS), as well as necessary components such as an LCD display and a keyboard, make the project itself. The code was written in Arduino, which bears strong similarities with C++. The box can manage three therapies a day, seven days a week. With slight modifications the Boxes could be made with more (or less) therapy slots, to fit the consumer’s needs in the best way.

Project Name: MommyRadar

Producers: László Korbély, Adnana Hujdur, Hanna Tiro, Harisa Obradović

Platform: Mock up (Adobe Illustrator)

The project is based on the app that goes with wristband which are connected via Internet protocol and it helps parents to keep track of their childes health status. Wristband would contain number of sensors such as HRM, oximeter, body temperature sensor and blood pressure sensor and would provide data that would be sent on the mobile app so that parent would always be updated on the information. In cases of any anomality or negative changes in childes health parameters the app would get the notification and parent would be able to react even in they are not in the area near. Additional feature would be therapy tracker so that parent can always be sure that their child has taken the medicines they need.

Project Name: VRitEasy

Producers: Sandra Zivkovic, Viktoria Ilieva, Jelica Kusmuk, Marius Olarson

Platform: VR headsets

We provide a stress-relief VR experience which is customized for every user, based on a psychological test and artificial intelligence. Our target group are young professionals.

Online & Onsite Coaches

People from Serbia and all around the globe agreed to mentor the engaged participants of the SHack in Novi Sad! Here you can find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge:

Muris Halilović
Creative Ass Designer & Founder | #Bookvalno Paper Design Studio
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alois Paul Spiesberger-Höckner
App and Web Developer, Media Informatic Student | Vienna University of Technology

Beáta Kurucz
Regional Manager, Central- Eastern Europe | EIT Health InnoStars

Vladimir Vučurović
General Artist | Zumoko

Vladimir Trkulja
Venture Fellow | UNICEF Global Innovation Fund

Craig Matthews
Senior Innovation Consultant | Science Park Graz - ESA BIC Austria

Stefan Ćupurdija
Owner & CEO | Real Choice

Damjan Damnjanovic
Co-founder | Health Tech Lab

Matteo Consonni
Business Creation Manager | EIT Health Germany

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen
CCO | Be My Eyes

Juliane Petsch
Expert for Project Management, Human Resources & Business Development

Khaled Jemni
Modern Apps Consultant | Microsoft Tunisia

Leila Hadžić
Co-founder | NGO “Laboratorium” Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hana Ilazi
Program Coordinator | Innovations Lab Kosovo

Marko Savkovic
Head of Product Marketing CEE+SE | HTC Europe


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities that made up the SHack Novi Sad Jury!

Vladimir Trkulja
Venture Fellow | UNICEF Global Innovation Fund

James Stockstill
Senior Adviser on Human Rights and Non-Discrimination | OSCE Mission to Serbia
United States

Zoran Tadić
General Manager | Neofyton

Jovana Joksimović
Attorney | Stanić and partners

Sabrina Petutschnig
Executive Assistant | (Science Park Graz - ESA BIC Austria)

Beáta Kurucz
Regional Manager, Central- Eastern Europe | EIT Health InnoStars

Dušica Birovljević
Founder and Owner | Nomcentar

Slobodan Cvijovic
Consultant | Zilker Technology LLC

Marko Savkovic
Head of Product Marketing CEE+SE | HTC Europe

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