SHack Graz – a Social Hackathon

From November 28 to 29, 2019, EYA organized the SHack Graz (Social Hackathon) inside the innovation-inciting Smart Business Center Graz-West.

The participants of the SHack Graz worked hard for 48 hours in order to plan, design and create prototypes of smart digital solutions for societal challenges. The event focussed on the EYA contest categories. The topics were wide open – any and all ideas that improve society were welcomed!

Who Was It For?

This capacity building event was an awesome opportunity for young people, aged 16-25, to develop their skills and develop projects that impact the world. This SHack was for:

High School Pupils

For high school and secondary school students of all levels!

University Students

For undergraduates on their road to a bachelor’s or equivalent degree!

Active minds

And for all other young, curious and open-minded people out there who want to make a change!

What Could They Win?

The jury of international experts from different fields selected the best developed prototype!

The winners got:

  • Free participation, travel & accommodation for SHack Budapest, February 20–22, 2020!
  • Free participation & accommodation for WSA Global Congress in Vienna, March 9–11, 2020!


Project Name: SoPhi

Producers: Christoph Wendler, Linda Popofsits, Victoria Pree, Anna Chmielewska, Hanna Jandrisevits, Mate Paksi

Platform: App

An app that uses geolocal information to show users charity projects in
their area, enables donations to said projects and updates users on how their donation were

🎊 🎊 🎊

SHack Graz


Project Name: C.C.5

Producers: Pascal Steiner, Ralph Ringbauer, Kevin Hörmann, Philip Horvath, Fabian Derler

Platform: Online App

A online App, where you can book a travel guy in every country of Europe.

Project Name: CUCOGA

Producers: Nikolaus Pummer, Noah Weinhofer, Robin Jautz-Lackner, Matteo Gradwohl, Josef Galiker, Laura Grandits, Carolina Stetzl and Martin Paukovits

Platform: App

An app where you can learn interesting things, such as traditions or habits about a culture and in addition a quiz by getting asked questions and play against others so you can playfully consolidate the knowledge and you also get the possibility to chat to other players.

Project Name: Motivice

Producers: Bálint Rátkai, Joel Faulend, Thomas Ivaniv, Tobias Tuider

Platform: App

An App which will remind you of your goals, exams and other events through a personalised motivational text message.

Project Name: ECO

Producers: Simone Novakovits, Selina Pummer, Hannah Streif, Anna Laky, Birgit Lepkowicz

Platform: App

Our app shows how to separate the waste in the right way in different countries. The first step for a better environment.

Project Name: rshy

Producers: Jonas Tremmel, Gregor Kampichler, Anna-Lena, Selina Posch, Nathalie Tamerler, Cora Pelzmann

Platform: App

We are your life-trainer and we make your life much more structured.

Project Name: Runningoxy

Producers: Lena Heuberger, Angelina Halper, Selina Husejnovic, Amra Husejnovic, Lena Rath, Tamara Fasching, Lea Zlatarits

Platform: App, Shoes with a katalism

Produce photosynthesis while you are walking.
The catalyst will be in the shoes integrated.
Filter carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen.

Onsite Coaches

People from Austria and all around the globe agreed to mentor the engaged participants of the Social Hackathon in Graz! Here you can find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge:

Niki Ernst
Founder of The Business Therapist | Founder of my School of Talk | Founder of the global IACy network
Austria and USA

Jonas Dinger
Coordinator | Social Impact Award

Eda Mushe
Digital Specialist | Makedonski Telekom AD
North Macedonia

Ekaterina Matveeva
Founder and CEO | Amolingua

Jacob Thomsen
Assistant Professor | UCL University College

Craig Matthews
Senior Innovation Consultant | Science Park Graz - ESA BIC Austria

Franziska Uhing
Professor for Interactive Media | University of Applied Sciences Kiel

Frank Lorenz
SVP Research & Development | SKIDATA AG

Jovana Zdravkovikj
Master's student | University of Ljubljana
North Macedonia

Zejd Xhafce
Local Expert | Turkish Embassy

Pihla Rostedt
CEO | Stellarion


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities that made up the SHack Graz Jury!

Sabrina Petutschnig
Executive Assistant | (Science Park Graz - ESA BIC Austria)

Frank Lorenz
SVP Research & Development | SKIDATA AG

Helena Guggenbichler
Chief Digital Officer | Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect & CEO | Powersoft

Tetyana Polovenko
Quantitative Specialist, Mathematician | Institute of Capital Market Research, ks actuaries

Raoul Bhatia
Head of Operations | RadarServices


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