SHack Budapest 2020

EYA went to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary from February 20 to 22, 2020 to organize the SHack Budapest, a social hackathon with the purpose of planning, designing and creating prototypes of smart digital solutions that tackle societal challenges …  in just 48 hours! The focus of the SHack Budapest was Health & Wearables.

30 enthusiastic participants and 20 renowned international experts met in the capital of Hungary and interacted on eye-level and impact society. It was a two-day boot camp for change-makers!

Who was it for?

Everybody with a passion for improving society was welcome to the SHack! 30 participants (18–30 yrs) got the chance to meet international experts, benefit from workshops and develop projects that impact society.

The SHack Budapest was for:

Open Minds

Contribute and make an impact!

  • Generate a concept on the spot and form a team
  • Or join an existing team and help others improve society


You have an idea or concept and want to make it reality?

  • Interact and learn from experts
  • Find like minded people to work on your idea
  • Make a prototype


For people with an existing prototype, project or start-up

  • Advance your project technically
  • Develop your business
  • Scale-up and internationalize

The best teams were rewarded!

The most motivated and productive team was awarded! The winners were decided by the expert jury, right after the pitch presentations.

The teams won

  • tickets for the Boston Minds Conference with John Malkovich on March 9!
  • a boosting workshop with eit Health!


Successful entrepreneurs, developers and researchers from all around the globe were there to support the engaged participants of the EYA Impact Weekend!

Find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge on-site:

Beáta Kurucz
Regional Manager, Central- Eastern Europe | EIT Health InnoStars

Zejd Xhafce
Local Expert | Turkish Embassy

Geena Whiteman
Research Assistant | Oxford Brookes

Julianna Faludi
Assistant Professor | Corvinus University of Budapest

Zsófia Lévai
Fashion-tech designer

Damjan Damnjanovic
Co-founder | Health Tech Lab

Wolf Becvar
UX professional, COO HotGloo, writer, speaker

Amila Mujkić
Student | Richmond Park International High School
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Eda Mushe
Digital Specialist | Makedonski Telekom AD
North Macedonia

Salome Sakhvadze
Member of Business Development team | INPUT

Tünde Gál
UX Designer | GE Healthcare

Timo Rostedt
Lead Designer | Gofore Oy

Gergely Galovics
PhD student | Doctoral School of Sociology at Eötvös Loránd University

Balázs Fekete
Marketing & Designcommunication Specialist, Media Designer

Dženana Selimović
Student | Mathematical Gymnasium ,,Meša Selimović”
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Franziska Uhing
Professor for Interactive Media | University of Applied Sciences Kiel

Darko Bozhinoski
Postdoctoral researcher | Cognitive Robotics, 3mE | Delft University of Technology

The participants were also given the opportunity to get feedback and ideas from the following online coaches:


Fatima Tambajang
Head of Business Development | CYST & Mazzuma

Taghrid Elashkr
Scrum Master | SimCorp

Matthias Fritsch
UI/UX Designer at MAN Truck and Bus SE

Shwetal Shah
International Technology Partnerships Planner | MediaCom Global
United Kingdom/India

Adrian Wegener
Founder | Eye Build It

Mario Vasile Cătălin
CEO, Android and IOS Software Developer | Studentist

Branko Vasiljevic
Business developer | DVC Solutions
Bosnia And Herzegovina

Stefanie Theis
Service Designer at MAN Truck & Bus SE


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes developed at the SHack? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities making up the SHack Budapest 2020 Jury!

Mihály Kiácz
Business Developer | INPUT

Irene Polycarpou
Professor of Technology and Innovation in Education | University of Central Lancashire

Abdul Rahman AlAshraf
Founder | FreeCom

Tamás Fogarasy
Designer | Exalt

Kambis Kohansal Vajargah
Managing Partner vendevio & Carployee

Tamás Békási
RIS Business Creation Project Manager | eit Health

Marko Jankovic
Student | MEF Faculty Belgrade

Dávid Birkás
Senior Manager of User Experience and Engineering | GE Healthcare

Susanne Urschler
Head of the Micronetworks unit | Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG)

Nadja Petrović
President of Student Parliament and member of Career Guidance at MEF Faculty

Developed Projects


Producers: Youstina Azer, Sámuel Balázs, Beatryss Rats, Márton Rozsáli, Shady Taodharo
Platform: bracelet + mobile app

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges that is threatening our well-being on Earth. One of the side effects of global warming is that it is not taking a lot of attention, is skin cancer, as it infects a high percentage of children. SUNNER is consisting of a wrist band with an “Ultra Violet” sensor that detects the percentage of the UV radiation that the person is receiving, then sends this signal to a mobile phone in the form of a UV index number.

The mobile application receives this notification, and displays it in the form of a colored sign, showing if the radiation is weak, moderate or strong. SUNNER is targeting young kids, and that is why it this mobile application is developed to receive  notifications on the parents’ phones. In a case of exceeding the limit of safe radiation, SUNNER is advising them with the actions that can be taken to save the kids from being affected.

In addition, the application will be having more information about skin cancer diseases, statistics describing the information collected from the bracelet, and it will be open for further development in the future.

🎊 🎊 🎊

SHack Budapest



Producers: Csenge Győrbíró, Dóra Sáska, Mohammed Seridi, Pramod Kumar Sethy
Platform: Innovative sport garment

Sensi-skin is an innovative sport garment for people suffering from skin problems (e.g. eczema). Each special item was designed to tackle typical eczema-zones. The garment has invisibly implemented parts which are wicking sweat and deliver medicine during the activity. During exercise, drug is released from a smart polymer gel, called hydrogel, which works as a sweat-activated biosensor.

🎊 🎊 🎊

2nd place


Producers: Hanga Kiss, Omar Al-Hajjar, Priscilla Steigervald, Panni Petró & Dóra Becker
Platform: application + device

EmPin is a device which helps you better communicate your current feelings, mood or simply helps you start a conversation with the people around you, promoting empathy and openness in our closed and indifferent world. Use the app to select the icon, picture or animation that best describes your current state then let the image start the talking for you. It’s ideal for events, meeting and social programs but also for personal use.


Producers: Dóra Bakos, Leny Keo, Husnain Waris Ali
Platform: device

Tryg’s mission is to ensure the safety of cyclers and promote the bike culture. Tryg are gesture-controlled bike indicators sold in sets which will include two gesture wrist bands (L+R) and a LED panel displaying arrow signs when indicating. The wrist bands are sending a signal to the panel using a Bluetooth connection.

Keep me Healthy

Producers: Yahia Anane
Platform: Android, IOS app

Keep me Healthy is for people which spend long time/sit in front of computer screen, it works as a reminder/warning for several healthy habits like eye workout, sketching, body posture correction.


Producers: Omar Al-Hajjar
Platform: Arduino

The project mainly is for workers in different occupational places where they have hard ergonomics to follow it will teach, protect and mentor them if they are following the ergonomics of specific situation.

All photos © MOME

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