We are glad to announce that, in co-operation with the University Paderborn, an assessment of personality and values will be offered to every single EYA shortlist project team! The projects’ teams will be provided with a detailed evaluation after they fill in the assessment form by September 8th.

Hear from the women behind the project themselves:

Dr. Eva Jakob & Jasmine Yahyaoui have been working on helping social entrepreneurs work together better by analysing their team composition for some time now. Their aim is to help social entrepreneurs change our world for the better by assessing their personalities and the values of the company/team. The assessment allows for teams to learn more about themselves and how to improve their teamwork.

For example, they will analyse the members of an entrepreneurial team and represent their results with a graph like the following, where every color represents one team member:

Every color on this graph represents one team member.

We thank Eva and Yasmine for this is superb opportunity for the EYA shortlist projects to learn more about how to improve our teamwork. Will you be a part of one of these lucky teams? Only one way to find out!