Yahya Marzouk

Position and Company: National coordinator | Social Impact Award
Country: Tunisia
Weblink: socialimpactaward.tn
My favorite place:  Washington, DC. My favorite song: All songs of Johnny Cash My favorite book: The innovation Blind spotThree things I dislike: Actually, I have 4:  people playing it busy and they are not, liars, hypocrites, people clueless about other cultures. My greatest adventure:  evaluating more than 100 social startups application in just one week. (Others can not be unveiled :p )I think Europe’s biggest challenge is: the will of taking initiative and to be self-employed. My changemaker idol: Muhammed YunusMy message to the EYA community: “Being an entrepreneur is a daily practice and a life style. The start of an entrepreneurial journey is full with small successes and failures that present the ultimate learning process that will enhance your competences to make a difference in your community and to bring the change making culture in your environment. Where to find all this in just one place!? Apply to EYA!”