Wais Bashir

Position and Company: Managing Editor, Thought Leadership | Onyx Advisory; OSINT Trainer | The Frontline Club
Country: UK
Weblink: https://www.linkedin.com/in/waisbashir/

Wais Bashir is the Managing Editor, Thought Leader for Onyx Advisory and  an OSINT trainer at London’s renowned Frontline Club. 

He sourced and managed breaking news from up-to 25,000 freelance reporters, as the Editor in Chief of one of the first User-Generate-Content (UGC) platform’s Demotix news (London), before focusing on innovative news verification methodologies for conflict regions as the Director of News and Media Consultant for Transterra Media (Beirut).
Continuing his expertise in verification, he debunked news stories concerning elections in India, Egypt and Ukraine as the Managing Editor of the Google-Storyful Open News project (Dublin), followed by the elections held in the UK and France with BBC News.

Wais has delivered seminars to media professionals and journalism students across Europe, the Middle East and Myanmar; has debated on panels at The Hague, the European Parliament and various universities; and has chaired corporate conferences in Houston and Chicago.
He is humbled and excited to be welcomed as an Ambassador and member of the EYA Jury.