Wais Bashir

Position and Company: Media Consultant
Country: UK

My favorite place: I’d say London as it really is a city that never sleeps and you can always find something to do; Beirut, as contrary to assumptions, I found it to be the most liberal place I’ve lived; and Afghanistan, the landscape is jaw-droppingly beautiful.
My favorite song:
If I still had the same Windows Media Player it’d read that I’ve played the song ‘Gabrielle’ by Roy Davies Jr. thousands of times.
My favorite book: ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini; it’s a book that can bring out every human emotion even in people that lack empathy.

Three things I dislike: Injustice, queuing and bad manners.
My greatest adventure: Afghanistan and Myanmar.

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… to remind generation after generation of the mistakes of the past.
My changemaker idol: Anyone that is bold and maintains their integrity.

My message to the EYA community:

“If there’s something you are passionate about, then use that passion and you’ll see how far that attitude will take you in life.”