Tudor Mihailescu

Position and Company: Co-founder | GovFaces
Country: Romania

Tudor Mihailescu is a Co-Founder at GovFaces and a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. For Tudor, the rise in populism and hate-speech across democratic communities reflects the failure of today’s political communication system. The overreliance on short messages and top-down mass broadcasting creates a gap between citizens and politicians, which the internet is making worse. Tudor strongly believes that an innovative use of the internet can provide the solution. That’s why in 2013 he co-founded the digital start-up GovFaces- on a mission to find an efficient way to facilitate two-way conversation at scale between citizens and politicians. In the last three years, Tudor and his colleagues have worked with various stakeholders at the European Union, the United Nations, but also in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Complementing his professional experience, Tudor’s doctoral research focuses on political speechwriting and top-down communication patterns. Before GovFaces, he worked in volunteer management and political awareness campaigns in Romania.

Tudor is part of the Ambassador Board for the European Youth Award and a member of the Participatory Democracy Incubator of the Council of Europe.


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