Tudor Mihailescu

Position and Company: Co-founder | GovFaces
Country: Romania

My favorite place: where warm and welcoming people are
My favorite song: Emeli Sandé – Read all about it
My favorite book: avid reader of politics-related texts

Three things I dislike: apathy, gossip, ignorance
My greatest adventure: feeling like the world is my oyster
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… breaking down its invisible borders. Nowadays, when freedom of movement is diluting Europe’s frontiers, the invisible borders between its peoples become even more visible. Mistrust, lack of empathy and solidarity or cross-cultural misunderstanding take their toll on current European affairs and impede economic and social development. The antidote is increased dialogue and interaction between and among citizens and decision-makers across the European societies.

My changemaker idol: William Wilberforce; because he saw that change was possible when most around him didn’t believe or squarely opposed it and focused all his energies on turning that noble ideal into reality.

My message to the EYA community:

“To me, participating in the EYA event was a truly formative experience. The greatest lesson I learned was to stay humble. After months of intensive work on GovFaces development, I came to Graz ready to competitively defend the merits of our project against the others. Once there, I was so overwhelmed by the talent and knowledge of the other participants that I realized my greatest gain would be to simply enjoy the discussions and learn as much as possible from the others’ experience. I, therefore, feel both privileged and honoured to have been named an EYA ambassador. I feel privileged to be able to continue my conversation with outstanding entrepreneurs and honoured to introduce other individuals to this amazing opportunity.”