Tobias Feitkenhauer

Position and Company: Founder & CEO | edcosystems
Country: Germany

My favorite place: A beach, watching the sun rise above the open ocean, hearing the waves’ rushing and the sea gulls’ cries, smelling the salty air and feeling the fine sand between my fingers.
My favorite song: PUR Party Hit Mix
My favorite book: John Strelecky – The Why Café

Three things I dislike:
1. People living unconsciously and unaware of their own power and their effect on the ecosystem.
2. The climate crisis and its implications.
3. Politicians doing politics for companies instead of the future.

My greatest adventure: Starting my own company.
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… to tackle the climate crisis quickly and with strong actions together and leave no country behind.
My changemaker idol: Boyan Slat

My message to the EYA community:

“Use the community and get in touch with people here. These connections broaden perspectives and there are many inspiring stories to learn from.”