Taylor Sawyer

Position and Company: Urban Sociology Researcher and Social Entrepreneur
Country: Scotland/Norway/USA

My favorite place: I love to travel and met new people and places, but I think my favourite place of all is Spain because I enjoy learning Spanish and have many Spanish friends. Plus, of course, the food is amazing.
My favorite song: It’s impossible to say because my favourite song changes monthly.
My favorite book: How to choose?! Three of my favorites are One Hundred Years of Solitude, Everything is Illuminated, and Oryx and Crake.

Three things I dislike:
– Bad –isms like sexism, fascism, racism, etc.
– Pollution
– Snakes

My greatest adventure: Four years ago, I moved abroad alone, and it keeps leading me into new adventures.
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is…having the sustained courage and energy to dialogue and problem solve together – and to not exclude, ignore, or silence anyone – despite pressures from the changing world.
My changemaker idol: Eleanor Roosevelt

My message to the EYA community:

“I am happy to be a member of the EYA community because of the positive energy and impactful ideas we create together!  :)”