Steffie Limère

Position and Company: Founder | Factory of Imagination and Unfolding Events
Country: Denmark/Belgium

International eventmanager Steffie Limère connects the leading thinkers in the world with the hottest student talent at Factory of Imagination, a factory that makes ideas, not things. Based in Denmark with her start-up company Unfolding Events, a combination of her own event creations like Factory of Imagination, and existing events/conferences that use her expertise in event – and volunteer community management.

At just 26 years old, she enables young people to collaborate with international experts from NASA, Google, Facebook and many other top companies in the world. Holding two professional bachelor degrees from her native Belgium and new home Denmark, she uses her international background to arrange unique and innovative world-class events.

In her spare time she loves to be a volunteer herself at other events/projects, to learn new ways in volunteer management. You can always pitch a project to hear and she will gladly give you her input.