Stefanie Stebegg

Position and Company: Responsible for Founding, Start-Ups, N4 | City of Graz Department for Economic and Tourism Development
Country: Austria

My favorite place: There are so many places to consider when I have to select my favorite one. For me two of the greatest places were the breathtaking Grand Canyon in Arizona when I set my eyes on it and Capo Caccia in Sardinia. But I found out that favorite places have to do with memories and people you spend your time with.
My favorite song: “The Cardigans – My Favorite Game”
My favorite book: “The start-up of YOU” from Reid Hoffmann (Cofounder and Chairman of LinkedIn) and Ben Casnocha

Three things I dislike: People who are against change and the fear of something new, dishonesty, the small and tiny strips from the skin of bananas who’s left after peeling.
My greatest adventure: My semester abroad in the USA (New Mexico – Albuquerque). I am an absolutely States-Lover and enjoyed my life in the Middle West to the fullest. It’s a place where you can find the real and traditional way of American living. The time there was one of the best experiences I have ever made. You are learning so many new things about different cultures, mindsets of people, their behavior and daily routines. And especially you get the best personal growth and development for yourself.

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… building a sustainable future within our environmental system and convincing people about the benefits of the European Union.
My changemaker idols: My finance professor from Albuquerque Mr. Reilly White with his deep knowledge about financial and business topics and his strategy to upgrade boring parts with his humor.
Lewis Howes with his content about doing what you love and change your mind to the best version.
Steli Efti for increasing productivity and communication skills with his huge motivation impact.

My message to the EYA community:

“We all have the opportunity to change our future life with a meaningful message. Your vison and commitment about your passion is the most important thing in your life. If we have the chance to make an impact, let’s do it!”