Stefan Schennach

Position and Company: Member of the Federal Council | Austrian Parliament
Country: Austria

In the federal council, Mr Schennach is chair of the committee for future, innovation and sience and vice-chair of the committee for European matters. He is also member of the committee for constitution, foreign affairs and justice.

In the council of Europe Schennach was chair of the monitoring committee, to screen memberstates regarding democracy, human rights and rules of law. After he chaired the committee conflicts between memberstates and now he is chair of the committee for social, health and sustainable development. He is generalrapporteur for sience and technic, rapporteur to create a new ethic codex regarding artificial intelligenz and he is also rapporteur for deliberate illegal cultural heritage and trafficking. 8 years Schennach was chair of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and was responsible for Energy, Environment and Water and he is one of the founder of EMUNI, Euro-Mediterranean University. Schennach is also director of the Austria Baroque Academy and Author of books.