Shane Thomas McMillan

Position and Company: Co-Founder and Director
Country: United States of America / Germany

Shane Thomas McMillan grew up the son of a teacher and a physical therapist on an American Indian reservation in rural Montana in the United States. Shane studied Photojournalism and International Development Studies at the University of Montana, where he also worked as a journalist at independent publications, as a librarian, and teaching assistant. From a young age Shane was drawn issues of justice, education, and human rights in his coursework, but also while on exchange at the University of Ghana, and later while on a Fulbright year in Berlin, Germany.

He has worked for the Associated Press and been published in the New York Times and The Guardian, and has co-produced several documentary films. Eventually, he wanted to pour those skills into a tool that would directly help people improve their own communities. Not long after that he met Christian Kroll and began building Allversity. Shane continues to lead Allversity while working as a freelance photojournalist in Berlin.