Kinga S. Smith

Position and Company: Founder | Reverse Engineering Studios
Country: US/Hungary

Sarah Kinga Smith is the founder of new wave management, production and technology company, Reverse Engineering Studios. She is a Producer and literary talent manager and start up hunter, representing and developing the brands and IP of emerging and up-and-coming US and International  content creators and engineers for Film, TV, Web, and VR.

Kinga is the Producer of the ‘Cockatoo Spritz’, the Starbreeze immersive VR experience which premiered in Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Kinga since had showcased 360 video and interactive game driven content at International and US festivals, including TIFF, Xian Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, Asia New Media Summit, Brussel Media Summit, VRNow Con and EFM in Berlin. She is also an active speaker at events and conferences, including San Diego International, Sandbox VR (Beijing, Hong Kong), WorldVR Forum (Geneva), Fivars (Canada), Cannes Film Festival and the European Film Market in Berlin. Her current projects in development have a variation of live action, interactive and game driven experience included. Most ideas and applications are not only engaged with entertainment but supportive of education, science, medical and space research programmes. RES brands, introduces and establishes creative talent and their work on multi-platforms, including traditional and digital formats. We are platform, medium and format agnostic. We think long term, we reverse engineer.

“VR is about sharing an experience. It is a medium that most of us just started to explore. Its narrative storytelling is a challenge given its tech driven nature. Designing an environment people can connect with and emotionally invested for is key. Our focus is to build an ecosystem where technology pushes creative boundaries and a production pipeline where content gets to be made and seen globally.”