Sanja Cancar

Position and Company: Blogger and Information Specialist
Country: Austria

My favorite place:  My favourite beach in Biograd na Moru, especially in the morning hours
My favorite song: Currently I am so in love with the band Annenmaykantereit and my favourite is their song “Schon krass”.
My favorite book: Wow, this is like asking someone to pick their favourite child.

Three things I dislike: Ignorance, apathy and indifference.
My greatest adventure: Travelling is always an adventure.

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… growing together, reducing the borders that separate us.
My changemaker idol: Lewin, Warren Buffett

My message to the EYA community:

“There is an Austrian quote: “Zu Tode gefürchtet – ist auch gestorben.” It basically says something along the lines: “Scared to death – still means dying.” Short version: No Guts, No Glory!”