Ritchie Doove

Position and Company: Leader of Digital Marketing Branch | Story of AMS
Country: Netherlands

Ritchie Doove has been living in Amsterdam for the last three years. During those years he has worked with various start-ups to assist in marketing tactics and growth strategies. It began with basic social media strategies and he is now responsible for leading the digital marketing branch of Story of AMS. A full stack, data-driven, digital agency where we design, build and launch online products containing apps, websites, and platforms. Our cases range from growing an international B2B platform to accelerating the e-commerce of a B2C skincare brand. Apart from these cases, he likes to work on separate projects. When there is room in the calendar, together with the Story of AMS founders and selected colleagues, the team works in sprints to develop new ideas into products. In his personal life, Ritchie is a voracious reader of books on a wide range of topics such as psychology, marketing, and self-help. One of the proud founding fathers of Masters Of Books. A book club for young entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. Among other opportunities he pursues to engage with like-minded people, is organizing monthly dinners with people from different fields, where knowledge is shared in an informal setting. Additionally, he likes to share his knowledge via a 2-weekly email newsletter with handpicked knowledge nuggets, insights and personal experiences. Subscription to the BETA-version opens in November. Since it is a selected group only, subscribe via a personal LI message to Ritchie, ending with: ‘Cowabunga’. When he is not in the office, Ritchie spends his time hitting the gym, playing some indoor soccer or getting lean at the occasional Yoga class.