Rebecca Atoline

Position and Company: Immigrants Representative | Zürich Council
Country: Uganda | Switzerland
My favorite place:  Somewhere deep in the valleys of Zinal in Wallis Switzerland, Kaberamaido in UgandaMy favorite song: Do I have to really choose? Ok one of these: Greatest love or One moment in Time, Whitney HoustonMy favorite book: The Bible, contains all that I need: poetry, romance, crime, intrigue, history, gossip, archaeology, motivation.Three things I dislike:  Traffic jam! Suffering! And now something I really like: PEOPLE My greatest adventure: Starting a journey without a destination, I still do it every summer holiday.I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… too much structure, too much uncertainty avoidance, stifles creativity and affects flexibility, breeding a kind of resistance to winds of change.My changemaker idol: Winnie ByanyimaMy message to the EYA community:

“In a world where we have it all; where nobody really lacks anything: we need ‘solidarity’.  Solidarity in thought and in action.”