Pihla Rostedt

Position and Company: First Lady | Rostedt & Co
Country: Finland
Weblink: rostedt.co

My favorite place: Almost said home, but maybe it depends where I am. All places which give me energy!
My favorite song: At the moment it is most likely Crosses or Evangeline from Jori Hulkkonen.
Three things I dislike: Pessimism, spiders, cruelty.

My greatest adventure: Life in general
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… to find unity and stop bureaucracy. To fight for a common goal honestly and try to get equity among Europeans.
My changemaker idol: Mahatma Gandhi, because he fought for peace in a non-violent way <3!

My message to the EYA community:

“Think boldly and freely, don’t be discouraged by others disbelief!”