Philipp Goetz

Position and Company: Co-founder & CEO | REDOX Labs
Country: Austria

Philipp Goetz is co-founder, CEO and project manager of the Salzburg based software company REDOX Labs. After finishing his “Intermedia” bachelor degree (Bachelor of Arts) in Vorarlberg (Austria), he focused on game development and project-management during his “Multimedia Technology” masters degree (Master of Science) at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Before studying, he was working as a freelancer, developing websites and was co-founder of a small web-hosting company (reco-systems).

In 2014, after completing the masters degree, he and his study colleges founded REDOX Labs. Since then, REDOX Labs has developed various projects with national and international customers and partners. The company works in the field of game-, web- and app-development, often with a strong focus on entertainment and gamification.