Noran Adly

Position and Company: Founder | Active Artist Egypt
Country: Egypt

My favorite place: I love seacoast places. I got attached to Lisbon, Portugal
My favorite song: I love most of the classic songs. However, my favorite genre is Jazz.
My favorite book: I love sarcastic books, I enjoyed reading Taxi by Khaled el Khamisi.

Three things I dislike:  I hate stubbornness, people with strong Ego
My greatest adventure: Initiating the 1st cultural artistic initiative in Cairo University.
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… Interior conflicts and colonization history.
My changemaker idol:  no change maker is idol, each one has his own views and beliefs which have supporters and opposes. Keep your eye open for the positive side of change whenever and whenever.

My message to the EYA community:

“Never lose hope, just try over and over again. There are no perfect way to get it there many ways to achieve what you want. Believe in your vision and just follow your passion :)”