Niki Ernst

Position and Company: Founder of The Business Therapist | Founder of my School of Talk | Founder of the global IACy network
Country: Austria and USA
Weblink: The Business Therapist

All the big industries are facing a massive change, driven through exponentially developing technology facing exponentially growing grand global challenges. In the separation of Linear- versus Exponential Organizations, the Business Therapist helps companies and individuals better understand and develop possible future scenarios of their business.

Niki is founder of the Innovation Agency Network, the School of Talk and the Global Inspiration Tours, operating in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong. He has been global TEDxAmbassador for many years, involved in over 100 TEDx events and works with Singularity University as faculty coach since 2015.

Niki is part of the WSA/EYA adventure since late 2012.