Nela Sladojević

Position and Company: Project Advisor | International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Almost every professional experience Nela has had for the past 15 years has been linked to children and young people. In all that time, she has only been changing the roles: being a youth activist, teacher, trainer, counsellor, researcher, CEO, project manager or civil servant.

Nela has been coordinating evidence-based youth policy development and implementation, as well as projects in the field of community development, quality inclusive education, youth work and participation, prevention of violent extremism etc.

Thanks to her involvement in IT Girls initiative, while she has been working for UNICEF, Nela participated at the first UNLEASH Innovation Lab where she has been working together with 1,000 other talents from 129 countries on creating innovative, implementable, scalable solutions for the SDGs. Together with her team, she developed a project ‘Hear-oes on Demand’ which was selected as a winning solution in Education & ICT category. ‘Hear-oes on Demand’ is imagined as an innovative shared-economy model that leverages a web and mobile-enabled digital platform to connect quality interpreters to the deaf community in Kenya through a registry-based matching system.

Nela has BA in Music Pedagogy, and she is currently finalizing her MA theses in Preschool Education. She is truly excited about the importance of education for helping others to reach their full potential.