Marsida Bandilli

Position and Company: PhD Researcher | University of Antwerp
Country: Belgium
Weblink: LinkedIn

Marsida Bandilli is a PhD researcher in Political Science at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She is very passionate about European Union and politics, where she has made a continuous and exceptional contribution during the past 5-years.

She has been a speaker in many international events, being compatible with her engagement in many organizations and networks all over Europe. She is a genuine ambassador of her country (Albania), and she has made a strong contribution towards the promotion of youth empowerment and leadership skills at local, national and international levels.

Due to her work and commitment for the promotion of tolerance and constructive debates for the future of Europe, she received the Active Citizens of Europe Award, in November 2014. Although work is spread in many European countries, she is mostly embedded with the European integration and EU policies in Brussels.