Markus Engelberger

Position and Company: Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator & Visualization Trainer | itsme-for you
Country: Austria
Markus Engelberger has been supporting individuals, groups, teams and organizations in their development for more than 15 years.He combines his skills and vast experiences as a Organization Developer, Start-Up & Leadership – Consultant, Teambuilding-Trainer, Social-Pedagogue and Illustrator.In addition to words, letters and numbers he uses pen and paper to build communication-bridges, overcome communication barriers, reduce complexity and increase mutual understanding. He is a pioneer in reviving the cultural technique of visualization.Only in 2016 he enabled over 200 people (in Latvia, the UK, Uganda, Germany & Austria) to use visuals as what they truly are: A powerful multi-purpose tool for thinking, communication, creativity, learning, presenting, selling and problem-solving.As a Graphic Recorder he captures key-content at your event in real-time. As a Visual Facilitator, he makes your meetings, strategy- and group-processes more effective. As a Visualization Trainer he encourages and enables leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers and learners to use visuals as the fourth element of communication.Born, raised and based in Vienna/Austria, he is working worldwide in the languages English and German.