Luna Carmona

Position and Company: Communications Management | Xchange Scotland
Country: United Kingdom

My favorite place: Probably Chicago, there is something hectic and exciting on the city.
My favorite song: Into My Arms by Nick Cave, because he explains better than any other person how it feels being in love.
My favorite book: I would chose The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera; but The New York Trilogy is also very important in my life.

Three things I dislike:  I dislike people who is always selfish, those who are always thinking about themselves. I also dislike passivity and the double-dealing that happens, unfortunately, on many professions.
My greatest adventure: Living in Mexico, facing a completely different culture and enjoy it as a little crazy child would do.
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… To embrace the differences and raise the voice of smaller countries.
My changemaker idol: Frida Kahlo, because in the middle of big physical pain and sadness she found a way of express herself in art, she kept her roots and discovered the world, she was passionate and bring people of all kinds of backgrounds to her house, never allowing the ‘art world’ interfere in how she enjoyed life. Kids, animals, neighbours, artists and friends, talking and living together.