Ljubica Drača

Position and Company: Court interpreter and translator & private language tutor
Country: Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina
Weblink: http://xn--ljubicadraa-wnb.com/

My favorite place: Danube coast
My favorite song: Happy by Leona Lewis
My favorite book:
Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Snow

Three things I dislike:  Ignorance, injustice and intolerance
My greatest adventure: Writing my own first novel (btw still in process)

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is…its desire to do as much as  possible as soon as possible.  In terms of current political challenges – refugees are the greatest issue. Also, unemployment and academic education are serious issues that require attention and dedication in the future years.
My changemaker idol: Nelson Mandela

My message to the EYA community:

“I’ll paraphrase my favorite quote and say – never be satisfied by your fate, because only fools are satisfied. Keep dreaming, keep believing in your dreams, and changes will come.”