Leila Hadžić

Position and Company: Co-founder | NGO “Laboratorium” Tuzla
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Weblink: https://laboratorium.ba

My favorite place: Any place where i am surrounded by trees and greenery, rivers or the see feels like the favorite one.
My favorite song: Hmm..this depends so much on my mood. Sometimes it is something like Underworld’s Born Slippy or Crocodile, sometimes it’s P.J.Harvey’s C’mon Billy, or Radiohead’s Nude. But I guess if I should pick one or two, it would be Portishead’s Only You and Bjork’s Unravel.
My favorite book:
I really enjoy reading Herman Hesse, so I would say that one of my fav books is his “Narcisuss und Goldmund”

Three things I dislike:  Insensitivity, intolerance, ignorance
My greatest adventure: Almost every run in the forest feels like the greatest adventure of all 🙂
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… Transforming any kind of hate speech into positive things. Learning that the borders between us are many times just illusions in our mind. Also, I would add learning how to deal with climate change, how to prevent it, reverse its effects and create solutions to hinder further devastation of our ecosystem.

My changemaker idol: Huh…don’t have much idols 🙂 I would say that every time I meet someone, particularly a young person, who inspires me and makes me want to do more and be a better human, is my idol.

My message to the EYA community:

“Don’t be afraid to speak, ask, demand, give, love, travel, explore, create,  dream, dance, sing and believe! Life’s too short to live in fear!”