Kambis Kohansal-Vajargah

Position and Company: CMO, Co-Founder & Biz Guy | whatchado
Country: Austria
Weblink: whatchado.com

My favorite place: Museumsquartier in Vienna.
My favorite song: I actually love movie trailer soundtracks like from Audiomachine or “Two Steps” from Hell.
My favourite book: I am more into business magazines such as “Financial Times” and “The Economist” haha 🙂
Three things I dislike: unmotivated people, giving up when failing, rude employees in clubs, bars, restaurants whatever…
My greatest adventure: going to Thailand with my whole team in 2012. Best vacation ever! Half Moon Festival will never be forgotten 🙂
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… nothing new. Europe needs to start thinking more as a community – as fast as possible. It is not time for egoist tendencies anymore. If we want to progress and build a fundament for our future, we now have to step up and collaborate.
My changemaker idol: I really like Heiner Geißler. A former politician, who I can listen to for hours (which is quite unusual). Very intelligent, very eloquent, great ideas, but neutral. Besides I like my childhood idol Thierry Henry, a great football player with great values, e.g. loyalty. This not the standard nowadays.

My message to the EYA community:

“Get your ass up and do what you love!”