Jon Holmes

Position and Company: University of Lincoln and freelance in the digital media sector
Country: United Kingdom

Jon Holmes is a digital artist and educator for film, games and VFX production. He is keen to collaborate with other filmmakers, designers and technicians in the above fields whilst developing my own portfolio. Alongside his work at the University of Lincoln and in the freelance digital media sector, he is a keen blogger and vlogger via his pseudonym The Curious Engine. He often posts updates of projects and regularly share the skills, knowledge and experience that he has gathered over the last 15–20 years via audio/visual guides and discussions. His hope is to educate as well as inform by sharing practice and skills that are often hard to access outside of the industrial bubble.

In 2016, he has been working as a VFX artist and Colourist for 3 short film projects: ‘The Last Viking’; ‘The Knock’ and ‘Natalie’. I has also been involved as a Creative Technologist in the Lincoln­-based Innovation Lab for the virtual House of Culture.

He is actively interested in VFX, cinematography and post-production (editing and colour). Hs current passion is for 3D modeling and texture painting for both VFX and games production. He is a proud member of the co_Lab research group and has a keen interest in collaboration between students, staff and practitioners – right across Europe – and believes that the dissemination of practice based knowledge and information is vital to help young people exploit the exciting new opportunities emerging digital technologies afford them today.


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