Jaspar Roos

Position and Company: Chief Inspiration Officer
Country: Netherlands
Weblink: www.xlfamily.com

Jaspar is a renowned authority in the field of innovation and partner at XLFamily (www.xlfamily.com). Jaspar has been the Chief Inspiration Officer for ABN AMRO Bank for many years. Managing the innovation and venturing lab Dialogues Incubator, Jaspar is one of the pioneers in themes as wearable technology and crowdfunding.

Currently, he is entrepreneur, writer and inspiratory. He has various hobbies, like ‘disruption’ columnist of the Dutch Financial Times, international key note speaker, advisory board member of an hospital incubator & one of the largest Dutch not for profit foundations. Another hobby is being expert innovation member of the OISP group for the European Commission. He is partner at XL Family, an international incubator and accelerator with stakes in many different initiatives, from impact startups to new innovation tooling. XL Family has around 100 employees in locations like the Netherlands, Romania, Mexico and USA. He works a lot on trends, the future of education (www.futureideas.org), humor and change (www.chiefhumorofficer.com) and startup management (www.ventur.es).

For 2014, he was one of the people to watch according to the Financial Times. He loves life.