Janny Huitema

Position and Company: Communication and Marketing | Frisian Design Factory
Country: Netherlands
Weblink: http://www.frisiandesignfactory.nl/

Janny Huitema is the ‘First Lady’ of the Frisian Design Factory. The Frisian Design Factory (FDF) is a design factory for students and is located in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden. There are also a number of other International design factories, including Espoo, Finland (ADF).

Janny is responsible for the communication and marketing of projects and activities and regulate all other border issues around the FDF in the Blokhuispoort. She is ambitious, enthusiastic, hands-on and thinks in possibilities. She knows a lot about marketing and / or marketing, looking for a vibrant environment where much is happening and where creative students and entrepreneurs can meet each other. In her spare time Janny does a lot of sports including windsurfing.